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Our Time to Build

Learn about our Church's efforts to enhance our church facilities

Overview and History

A loving community of faith is a welcoming church, enfolding in God's embrace all who come for worship, comfort and community. It is a place that accepts every age, race, ability and background and respects the needs of every member. A loving church grows and changes as the world around it grows and changes; adapting, responding and seeking to provide all that is needed by its congregation and its community.

In 2012, a group of church volunteers conducted an assessment of FUMC's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and the task force concluded that there was a clear need to improve physical spaces within the church to accommodate growing programs and make all areas fully accessible with mobility impairments.

In light of the pressing needs, the FUMC Board of Trustees moved ahead with a carefully considered capital campaign to dramatically enhance our ability to welcome all people, improve handicap accessibility and bring our building up to fire safety codes. The committee of volunteers decided that the time is now! The Our Time to Build Campaign was officially launched!

The main goals of the building project include:

  • Wanting everyone to feel welcome: We wish to create an open & spacious foyer area outside of the main sanctuary so people can mingle and enjoy fellowship with one another after church services and throughout the week.

  • Unrestricted access to our church: This includes spaces that have previously contained physical barriers for those with restricted mobility.

  • Ensuring that our building is safe: Taking part in a renovation project of this scope requires certain fire and safety codes are brought up to date.

Fast forward to July, 2019 and the construction on our beloved church building has begun. Through the generosity of our congregation, hard work of countless volunteers and many, many prayers, we are witnessing changes that bring us closer every day to our dream. Here is some pertinent information about the project:

Financial overview

We appreciate everyone who has supported the Our Time to Build project so far. The Fundraising Committee reports we have received $2,139,652 in pledges and unpledged gifts for the project. If we add that number to the verbal pledges, we expect to receive $2,190,526. We need at least $200,000 in additional giving and pledges, toward the full cost of the project which is $2.6 million. If you have not pledged as yet, please do so. If you have pledged, thank you, and please consider going the "extra mile" with an additional year of giving.   


Construction Loan to Commence

In the spring of 2019, the congregation voted to take on a construction loan not to exceed $400,000; though we are hopeful that it will actually not exceed $350,000. Plans are underway currently to take on this loan through our own United Methodist Foundation of New England. Any new pledges that we receive will reduce the amount of money we must borrow; so please contact us if you have been thinking about pledging this campaign. It is definitely not too late.

Current status of the project (updated November 2020)

 The Doors Are Ready

The Our Time to Build project is ramping up toward a strong finish. Now that the new entry doors have been hung, it is our plan to have the congregation walking through them on November 1.


We are about $50,000 away from meeting our pledge and contributions goal. Ninety percent of our pledges are on schedule. We encourage those who haven’t yet given to make a gift and for those who have pledged, to get in their 2020 pledge now so we don’t have to draw as much from our construction loan. Many of you have also offered to make an additional pledge for 2021 to get us over the financial finish line and we thank you for that.


Please click here to see detailed floor plans and video walk through of our proposed changes.

If you want more information, would like a pledge form sent to you, or simply have questions about the project, please fill out the short form below and we will forward it to our building committee.

Please check back soon as this page will be updated as progress is made on the project. Thank you!